Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts

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Life is Precious... but it's not always easy

At the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts, Life is Precious. As an open-admission shelter, rather than a no-kill shelter, we aren't always eligible for grants or other fundraising opportunities. But we're also the ones who accept older and ailing animals, often beloved pets, that their owners can simply no longer care for.

We are here when distraught pet owners feel like they've run out of options, because we believe that Life is Precious.

The APCSM's Life is Precious Fund is a dedicated account specifically to cover the cost of unexpected medical costs animals in our care. In the past, we've had two or three animals a year requiring extreme veterinary care, but so far this year, at least half a dozen dogs and cats have generated unanticipated costs and our Life is Precious Fund is running dangerously low.

Maybe you saw video of Oscar the shih-Tzu on our Facebook page, zipping around with the little cart that allowed him mobility when his rear legs stopped working. (Thank you Lloyd Animal Medical Center and Animotion Physical Therapy in Stoughton for working with this guy!)

In addition to inspiring Oscar, we've helped treat:

  • Timid Buttercup, a sweet year-old Shar Pei mix, was surrendered to APCSM with a painful fracture in her knee. She is in a cast, being fostered by a volunteer.
  • Leon the kitten (pictured below), who came in with a severe eye infection that did not respond to treatment. Ultimately Leon lost his eye, but is now the crazy, happy 3-month-old kitten he should be.
  • Symphony, a young cat who developed a severe infection after giving birth to her kittens and needed emergency spay surgery.
  • Buster, who was surrendered to us in desperate need of a dental procedure to make him more comfortable and allow him to eat.

Most recently, we got Moses, a 2-year-old neutered male pit bull who has tested positive for heart worm and will need treatment, a tough, yet effective process that will mean many good years ahead for him.

APCSM staff believes that all of our animals deserve a happy ending - and that's what the Life is Precious Fund ultimately provides: a chance for a happy ending in a loving forever home. Please consider donating now so we can get Buttercup the care she needs, and so we'll be ready for the next animal that ends up in our care and needs some extra medical attention.

The Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts (APCSM) is an open admission animal care & adoption facility, focus on prevention of cruelty to animals, education & helping the community. The Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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